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21 OCTOBER - 30 OCTOBER 2016











History of Vampire VS Zombie

Zombies and Vampires have been loggerheads since 516 A.D. The Vampires could not stand the Zombies’ dull humor. The Zombies found the Vampires to be very stuck up and unfriendly. Eventually this led to war.

After 500 years of war, both sides concluded that they should resolve their differences in a more friendly and less costly manner. They decided to hold a competition every 500 years to determine the true Clan of the Darkness.

Oct 31, 2016 marks the 3rd War of the Night. Choose to support the cool and feisty Vampire Clan or the down-to-earth Zombie Horde. Let the Night Race begin!

Which Clan will win?


Super Early Bird Rates from 05 Aug 2016 – 05 Sep 2016
Early Bird Rates from 06 Sep 2016 – 3 Oct 2016 *extended*
Normal Rates from 4 Oct – 10 Oct 2016


  1. Race Entry
  2. One Entry to the Museum of Horrors @ *SCAPE (worth: $15)
  3. Vampire Certified Compressport T-shirt (worth: $45.90)
  4. Vampire VS Zombie Race Bib (not edible)
  5. Vampire VS Zombie Finisher’s Medal

(Total value worth $65.90)


  1. Race Entry
  2. One Entry to the Museum of Horrors @ *SCAPE (worth: $15)
  3. Vampire Certified Compressport T-shirt (worth: $45.90)
  4. Vampire VS Zombie Race Bib (not edible)
  5. Vampire VS Zombie Finisher’s Medal
  6. Magic Shoelace (shoelace with LED lights), choice of color: Pink, Red or Yellow (worth:$15.90/pair)

(Total value worth $81.80)


  1. Race Entry
  2. One Entry to the Museum of Horrors @ *SCAPE (worth: $15)
  3. Vampire Certified Compressport T-shirt (worth: $45.90)
  4. Vampire VS Zombie Race Bib (not edible)
  5. Vampire VS Zombie Finisher’s Medal
  6. Shoe Enhancers (clip-on with LED lights, 1 pair), color: Red, Green, Blue (worth: $25.90/pair)

(Total value worth $91.80)


  1. Race Entry
  2. One Entry to the Museum of Horrors @ *SCAPE (worth: $15)
  3. Vampire Certified Compressport T-shirt (worth: $45.90)
  4. Vampire VS Zombie Race Bib (not edible)
  5. Vampire VS Zombie Finisher’s Medal
  6. Choice of Medieval Cloak OR Venetian Mask

(Total value worth $101.80)

Single Purchase

SUPER Early Bird (till 5 Sept) Early Bird (till 3 Oct) Normal Rates (till 10 Oct)
PARTICIPATION S$35.90 (you save $10) S$39.90 (you save $4) S$45.90
SILVER S$39.90 (you save $20) S$49.90 (you save $10) S$59.90
GOLD S$49.90 (you save $20) S$59.90 (you save $10) S$69.90
PLATINUM S$59.90 (you save $20) S$69.90 (you save $10) S$79.90

Group Purchase (additional discounts)

% Discount off total bill
GROUP OF 2 5% off
GROUP OF 3 10% off
GROUP OF 4 or more 15% off

Pre-race Race Pack Collection

  • DATE: 15, 16 Oct 2016
  • TIME: 11am to 7pm
  • VENUE: *SCAPE Situation Room (Level 4)

OR Select Delivery during checkout

Post-race Medal Collection

  • DATE: 26-31 Oct 2016
  • TIME: 7pm to 10pm
  • VENUE: *SCAPE Ground Theatre (Level 2)

OR Select Delivery during checkout

Highlights of Vampire VS Zombie Run

1. Each participant is entitled a free entry to *SCAPE Museum of Horrors 2016! (facebook)

After a year’s break, the super popular and intense Museum of Horrors is back! Survive the Museum of Horrors and live to brag about it.

**Museum of Horrors 2016 @ *SCAPE will be opened from 26 Oct to 06 Nov 2016, 7pm to 10pm daily (till 12midnight on 29 Oct).)**

Testimonies of previous Museum of Horrors

… My brother commented, “It’s a much smaller space than the USS one but much more personal and up close and WAY scarier. Plus, one of the female ghost actually quite pretty. I had to bend down to take a closer look at her bloody face!” GREAT JOB GUYS! YOU ALL CONFIRM WIN ALREADY! See you all next year. We’d definitely 100% come back again!
Jonathan Cheok
… All in all, I think the trail was really awesome and the set up all really REALLY good. They really replicated Bedok Reservoir, yes we’re talking water flowing in the middle of the warehouse. How cool is that?!
Eunice Annabel
… In one of the rooms, you have to wear the special 4D glasses to see the effects! 😀 Overall, while our experience in the Museum of Horrors was a short one as you can cover through it pretty quickly, nevertheless I still thought that it was a pretty fun experience at my first Halloween horror house! Would say that it’s a good place to start for first timers to horror houses~

2. Glow in the dark Tshirt. You can be the light at the end of the tunnel

What are you waiting for? Register now to avoid disappointment.

How to submit my routes?

Note that route submission is compulsory for you to win your medal

5 Simple Steps to Submit your route

  1. Record your run with any route tracking running application available.
    e.g Nike+, Endomondo, RunKeeper.
  2. Screenshot your results
  3. Log in to your account here
  4. Upload your screenshot and submit
  5. You’re done!

Past Creative Routes Submitted

Creative Route 1
Creative Route 2

Win a pair of Spartan Race (Bintan) Sprint Entry (worth S$456)

2 most creative entries, (photos, routes or submissions) will be awarded with a pair of Spartan Race Sprint Entry each!


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Virtual Race FAQ

What’s an Online Race?

Online race is like any other race, just different. You get all the goodies of a regular race, PLUS you get to decide where AND when you want to run (. You can run, jog wherever you want to, at a designated period, for a 5k, 10k or 21k! In addition, you will receive great rewards like T-shirt, race bib and when you finish the race, you can get your finisher’s medal as well as finisher’s’ entitlement. And the best of all, you are joining thousands of people in this race and motivate millions to run via your creative course route and inspiring stories. Online race is FREEDOM!

Why Should I Sign Up For A Virtual Race Instead Of A Regular Race?

Here are the perks of a Virtual Race:

  1. You no longer have to wake up at unearthly timings to load your carbohydrate intake before a race, flag a cab down to the pick-up points, squeeze with plenty others at the starting line before you start running.
  2. You no longer have to be sick of the repetitive race routes of the runs you signed up for.
  3. You no longer have to pay so much that signing up as a family seems out of the question.

And all these because Virtual Races offer you with:

  1. Flexible Running Time – You get to run ANYTIME you like!
  2. Flexible Running Routes – You get to run ANYWHERE you like!
  3. Group Offers – You get to run with ANYONE you like! Whether is it alone, with one friend or a group of family/friends. We offer you group discounts! The greater the number of runners registered together, the higher the discount rates!

42Race – Virtual Race Series gives all runners a platform to run #anytime, #anywhere, #withanyone.

How to verify the timing?

Simply upload your 1) running selfies 2) running route proof (with any app) in your account page during the race period. Your results will be verified.

Can I walk/run/hop/roll the race? Do I have cut-off timing?

We encourage you to set a goal for yourself. You need to complete the distance in one shot. You will be awarded with the finishers’ medal as well as the entitlements. All manners of physical manoeuvring is acceptable to us.

Can I do both the 5k, 10k and 21K races?

We do not recommend so as we would love to encourage more people to join the fun! But if you really want to you can run a race everyday. =D

How long does the delivery take?

It takes approximately 3-5 working days, if you choose delivery as a choice for finisher’s’ entitlement.

How do we upload our runs?

You can use any running app ( Nike+, Strava, Runkeeper, etc). Simply login to your account. You can upload your result to the page. Once we have verified your results, you will receive the finishers’ medal and entitlement.

I won’t be in Singapore during the race period, can I still join the race?

Once, British Astronaut Tim Peake ran the London Marathon while in Orbit. You can join the race anywhere in the universe. Just remember to record your route!

If we sign up the race as a team, how do we submit routes? / What if my team mate has different running distance? / If we submit multiple routes under one account, how do you identify the result for each runner?

Only your account is needed to manage order and submit routes. If you guys run together, you only need to submit the routes you guys run together and take a wefie to show that you complete together as a team, and submit it under your account. If the running distances are different, you can submit multiple routes under your account and indicate the bib number in the route submission page so that we know who ran that route.

For more information on Virtual Race, please click here.