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Motto: I can't stop once I start! Why marathon: because I want to tell myself I can do it and tell everyone else that if I can, they can too!
3 03, 2016

Week 1 – Journey to Complete 42km by PS

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7 days ago I received a phone call from Allen wanting to understand why I want to run a marathon, 7 days later I found myself being part of this journey to complete my first 42km race of my life! I was not too sure what to expect from running as a group and what [...]

28 02, 2016

Project42 Featuring: The Heroic Six (5/6)- Pooi-San

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Hey Runners, here comes the COOLEST personĀ in our group, Ms Pooi-San Kok! She is surely someone with stories to share. Looking forward to knowing more about her life experience!   Name: Pooi-San Kok Age: 34 Nationality: Singaporean Profession: Marketing Professional Hobbies: Travelling, Reading, Contemporary Art Me and my running: Why do I run? After smoking, [...]