The Great Ocean Road Marathon happened on 15 May 2016 at Great Ocean Road, Victoria, Australia.

Australia’s cool weather is perfect for running. The race started at 8am. There was no need to rush to beat the sun because it would still be cool enough to run at noon. We were shuttled from Apollo Bay to the starting line for Half Marathon at Kennett River.


Sunrise at Kennett River, Great Ocean Road


Sunrise at Kennett River, Great Ocean Road

We caught the sunrise at the beach and the view was amazing. A great start!

A lot of people were running the Half Marathon. The Great Ocean Road Marathon is a more scenic race, great for views rather than getting a PB.

starting point

Ready to start Great Ocean Road Half Marathon!

Ocean Road

Great View!

Even though there is quite a bit of elevation, it was not that tiring because of the good weather. This area is quite sparsely populated. Still there were a few locals who took to the road side to cheer for the runners and offered Jelly Snakes and Jelly Beans! Lovely.


Friendly locals with Jelly Snakes and Beans


Parenting done right. Sharing is caring

Friendly local

Hello from Great Ocean Road!


Super cheerful volunteers

There were only a few hydration points, about 5km or so apart. However because it was cooling you won’t feel dehydrated. The volunteers were few but cheerful.

Eventually, the sky started to get cloudy. I was lucky to have a wind breaker with me that could serve as a raincoat. It was a pleasant surprise to see not just one, but two rainbows!


Running under a rainbow. Achievement Unlocked


As if a rainbow is not enough, here’s two!

At the finishing line, locals were out cheering for the runners. The announcer managed to get each runner’s name while they crossed the line and with all the alacrity and good humour, he congratulated each runner as they past the finishing line.


Cheers for the finishers at the finishing line


Great Ocean Road Half Marathon Medal

All in all it was a great running vacation. We flew with Scoot from Singapore to Melbourne. Melbourne itself is an adventure. The car ride from Melbourne to Apollo Bay took around 4 hours. The roads were mostly empty so it’s quite a relaxing and easy ride.

If you want to explore the coast of Victoria Australia and have a good run, Great Ocean Road Marathon is the race to go!