A little bit about myself:
Name: Qiu Lu
Age: 20
Nationality: Chinese
Profession: Student


Why did you started running:
I started running back in June 2014, prior to my prelim exam before A levels.
That was the worst period of my life. I was overly stressed about some trivial things in life and I was having low fever for about a month.
Fortunately one day, my best friend suggested that we should start exercising together.

And I told myself, Hey Qiu Lu,  you really need this change and to take care of yourself.

So we started off by doing slow jog for 5k on the school track 3 times a week.

This was how my running journey started.



Do you think that finishing a marathon is difficult and how did you complete it?

Finishing a marathon is not hard, most people can run and walk and make it within the 8hr cut-off timing, even without prior training or running background.
But accomplishing your marathon goal is a whole different story.
I am just an ordinary person, except that I am more discipline and determined, and the reason why I finished my first marathon with a good timing was that I worked hard enough.

I had a decision. I wanted to finish a marathon.
I had a goal. I did plenty of research and try to learn more about everything related to marathon.
I had a plan. I found a balance between my study, running and life, and plan my own training.
Then I followed through.

In all, it’s the time and effort that I have invested make the process of preparing for a marathon transformational.  I have seen myself becoming fitter, faster and stronger and the sense of achievement was the best reward. And I was amazed to see how much our body can achieve.

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What I like about running is that it’s fair. It is not exclusive for athletes or people who are deemed as “naturally good for sports”.
Especially for marathon, it is the discipline and determination that push ourselves to achieve our personal best. Yet I believe that such discipline and determination is something that every one should have, not only for running , but for life.

For the race itself, the last few kilometres was both physically and mentally tiring. Yet I believe that if you have sufficient training and mental preparation for it, you are definitely able to push through the last part and finish the race.



What is your goal for this Sundown Marathon?
I wish that together with team Project42, we can run through the entire 42km and finish this marathon safely and comfortably.


What does Project42 mean to you?

Project42 has evolved a lot from the simple idea of “helping 6 people to finish a marathon”. It becomes much more than being personal pacer for the participants. We hope that through this project, we can inspire more people to start running and help more runners in achieving their running goals.

During the Project Launch, I had the opportunity to talk to some of our supporters such as Ricky and Gary, and listen to their advices and opinion about the project in person. I felt touched when I know that people actually appreciate our effort and support us 🙂

Moreover, as trainers of Project42,  it’s our responsibility to take care of the team and make sure that everyone trains safely. Being young hence maybe inexperienced, we also wish to learn about life experience from our team members and get to know more about their life stories. It’s good to see that the team have bonded well, we are tracking each other’s progress and encouraging one another, we talk about life and work and study. We do hope that this will be more than just the training and the program, it’s about friendship and helping one another to become a better person.

To be honest, Allen and I have missed out many runs in Feb because we were too BUSY and the time management was not optimal. During our LSD last weekend, I could not maintain my pace for after 10k. I was discouraged and realised that my strength and fitness level have dropped. In addition, I was guilty for stress-eating and not having enough sleep during exam preparation period for these two weeks.

So for myself, I do hope that doing Project42 can motivate me to be more disciplined in my training and in life, to take care of myself no matter how hectic my life is. “Being busy is not an excuse for not living healthily.”



From a more personal perspective, Project42 also has special meanings for me. It’s an opportunity to achieve something great, perhaps extraordinary, with my love one.

Allen and I had this favourite word: Meraki (may-rah-kee). It is a Greek word that means doing something with passion and soul.
We live by the idea that living is about exploring possibilities and for everything we do in life, we need to do it full-heartedly with love and passion. As such, we hope that we can live a life with no regrets. We wish that the time we spend together, should be a life-long project called the ProjectMeraki, through which we are able to inspire others with our way of living and and to make this world a better place.

So Project42 might be the start of this journey. We do know that there will be challenges and possibly setbacks ahead. It is just like a life marathon, it might be hard, yet I know that we are idealist and perfectionist, we are going to achieve it.

What is your vision about Project42:
Running is a way of life.
The knowledge, experience and companies should never been priced.
We want to create an open-sourced platform and develop a running community in Singapore for runners to share, to train and to live together.
We want to make this happen.