Sorry for not posting for awhile. I have never been a person that writes blogs. Here it goes.

Training has been amazing with the trainers and my running mates. We have push ourselves and everyone has put in 110%. My mates that has not really run much as all is clocking more runs than ever! Makes me rather shameful.

I hope since now that I do not have any more runs up coming other then the NTUC 350 run i should be able to clock in more runs.

I have done some cross training on my own. Its good to be reminded that I am no where near the form I want to be. Need to do more strength exercise. The invisible chair is a great workout to be done anywhere.

While I was at NUS visiting my mother in law I did it while waiting for time to pass.

I am looking forward to all the training that is up coming and I feel sad when I miss those running session with my mates.

Last sunday I did the Meta Dualthon its 3km run 20km bike and 3km run. I did achieve my target for the run which was 5mins 30 second pace for the first 3km and after the bike ride was 6mins per km for the last 3km run.  I did not do as well for the bike as I wish to. Muscle endurance is something I want to work on. I will train harder.  I came back in 1hr 18 mins. My thighs was already burning it was a good experience. Did the Fitbar to ease my muscles, recover was good.


I intend to do some recovery swimming after my training. Keep you guys posted soon!!! Cheers!