This is Week 3 of our training! Today we did a 15km at West Coast Park. That is about 3 big loops around the park plus an additional 600m thereabouts after MacDonald’s.

We split into 2 groups to run because we were going at slightly different paces. Each group had an IC to keep track of our pace and heart-rate, and the rest checked in on everyone once every 2km.

Qiu Lu and Allen helped to carry water for us and gave us the much-awaited water bottles at certain times during the 15km. 🙂 Thanks, Qiu Lu and Allen!

Today’s run is one of the longest distance I have covered on training day. I have only run 8km max on my own during my own self-training days and over the years, 15km belonged only to the let’s-run-with-some-friends-to-catch-up-and-burn-some-calories-together category. I have only ran 15km twice in my entire life, if I don’t remember wrongly. So today is an achievement. 🙂

I believe covering a certain (long) distance is very much about BOTH our physical fitness and our mental state. Barring all injuries, I know that even if I am physically able to cover a certain distance but mentally I don’t prepare myself well, then I may not be able to complete the race. I know this because there are days when I tell myself that I will run 7km, and by 6.5km, I will tire out (mentally). I don’t quite feel like pushing for another 1km even if I could. And yet on days like today, I can tell myself to run 15km and finish it with my team. 🙂 I guess it is a good thing that running pushes us to be stronger both physically and mentally.

Have a happy Sunday, everyone!