Can’t believe that this is Week 2 of our training already! 🙂

This week we trained on Wednesday at the NUS track – intervals of 4 laps (600m each) and slower-paced runs in between. Qiu Lu and Allen divided us into 2 groups and they each paced 3 of us individually. We clocked a total of around 7-8km around the track at the end of the training. For me, intervals are one of the toughest. I do not take to running fast/sprinting, and whenever I have to increase my pace beyond what I am usually comfortable with, my mind kind of goes, “Oh no… I don’t think I can do this.” Nonetheless, I went for training thinking that I have to do my best for this team and for the trainers who have sacrificed much personal time for us. Running in a group definitely made the intervals much more bearable. With my heart racing after each of the fast lap, I was careful to continue running at a slower pace as I caught up with my other team mate. Overall, I had a good run that night – keeping in mind that this interval training is only going to make us stronger when we go on our marathon.

Today (Sunday), we did our second long run a Bishan Park. 🙂 Though the weather was hot and sunny, we all managed to complete the 13km we set out to do at a relatively a good timing/pace. It was a nice change of scenery. 🙂 I was careful to land as properly as I can so as not to hurt my knees. Allen told a few of us that we need to pay attention to our running form. Instead of simply putting our feet forward without lifting them up when we run, we need to try to use the ‘bicycle form’ and make sure we get into a steady momentum. I have yet to get it right and I will try harder! Allen mentioned emphatically that ‘we need to get to the starting line injury-free’!

We will get there. *clench fists*