When it felt like running couldn’t get worse, it did.


We had our first interval training at NUS track, Interval training is important as to boost our cardiovascular system and our strides and coordination will become more efficient over time. It had been a while going back to school so I felt nostalgic, for a short while before we started our training. Wei Ming, Pooi-San and I were in Qiu Lu’s team. Allen and Lu had us warm up, and then one by one pushed us to run beyond our comfortable pace for 600m, followed by slow jog for recovery while they brought another one of us to do the same. Qiu Lu kept an eye on me the whole time to ensure that I wasn’t pushing too hard which may lead to injuries.

We went to Bishan Park for our 2nd LSD of 13km. The first 7km was still manageable but the rest of the 6km challenged me especially mentally under the hot scorching sun. Jay was my pacer of the day. She was so kind to me that she even ran zig-zag to encourage me to keep running in view of my slow pace. I am really grateful that everyone in the team is motivating and cheering me up along the way. After a good breakfast at Mcd, Pooi-San, Sylvia, Allen and I took the same route back to home, Allen started doing the invisible chair in the MRT which is helpful to strengthen the leg muscles, and peer pressure at its best, reluctantly I followed the lead after Sylvia and Pooi-San started doing. Haha, it was not a bad thing, but it was not a good feeling during. Wei Ming did by himself in the MRT too after knowing so.


I have to keep working on correcting my running form, and I did a 5km regulating my breathing just using my nose instead of mouth this week. I went to the running lab for a consultation getting the right shoes too. The staff mentioned that my pronation on my left foot is supination (over-pronated) and my right foot lands neutral. I am surprised to find out that my left and right foot is almost an inch in difference too. I bought the recommended Asics Gel Cumulus-17, and shall purchase another one soon in order to lengthen the ‘life span’ of the shoes and prevent overuse injuries. I enjoyed my productive and joyful week. 