My first training with the other participants, under the guidance of two very dedicated Trainers Qiu Lu and Allen, already brought me valuable advice to improve on my running.

We kicked off the tra20160301064759-2ining with a 5km easy run and what was obvious to me was just to complete it like any other runs that I have always done. But my Trainers had other ideas.

Throughout the run, they were peering front and back, I didn’t really know what was going on so I continued running. Turns out that they were observing our gait, breathing and foot landing.

Midway through the run, the cadence stopped and the Trainers gave us some specific advice for each individual and this was what I learnt:

Breathing – I have always inhaled and exhaled through the mouth, without giving much consideration how it would affect my heart rate. Subsequently, I was told to try, in a paced manner, inhaling through nose and exhaling through mouth. Immediately I realised that my heart rate reduced significantly.

Posture – I learnt that by keeping my body straight up, leaning slightly forward, reducing the swinging of the arms would be the most efficient manner to run. I was constantly in check of myself.

Foot Landing – I learnt that landing on the heels isn’t as efficient as landing on the midsection of my feet.

I’m excited for tomorrow’s first Long distance run – 10km.