It is officially one week after the launch of the project. We had a group training once, with lots of running tips from Lu and Allen, as well as fun time conditioning, am really looking forward for our endurance training tomorrow!

I ran more than I usually would. Probably if it’s up to me, 5-10km in a week would be an achievement as running is never an easy task for me. The urge to run is always there, but to put on the outfit and head out for a run is a discipline which I lack. I clocked 25km mileage this week, I still could not breathe using my nose during running, something that I have to make more effort to correct. Upon encouragement, I also started to adjust my body to wake up at 530am in order to run in the morning before heading to work. *pat myself*

Knowing that running a marathon is a sport more than willpower and put one leg after another, a fit body is equally crucial in order to withstand the impact of such a long distance of running, and to improve overall performance. We were encouraged to do sets of conditioning including planks and wall sits. Wall sits (invisible chairs) are particular difficult for me. The longest I could last even mourning in pain was 30 seconds.

I went to climb 50 storeys of staircases this morning, to train my leg muscles and breathing. I used to climb staircases once a week with my colleagues when we practised for vertical marathon, it was challenging, finished it anyway while cursing myself. Haha.

Eating cleaner and healthier is still the most challenging. *roll eyes*

That’s all for now, I will work harder. I have to, to have such enthusiastic marathoner-to-be team mates is indeed motivating!

I am still feeling blessed to be given the opportunity. 🙂