It has been just 1 week after we received the news of our admission into Project42 and somehow or another, our lifestyles have indeed changed – for the better! Many of us are running more mindfully now, and we have also started doing body conditioning exercises like planks, 90 degree squats and stretches in order to strengthen our bodies for a better running form.

This morning we met for our first long run at West Coast Park. We gathered at around 715am, did some basic stretching (without holding on to the stretch for too long) and headed off. I was feeling excited about running together and was looking forward to ‘testing’ out how I would feel since I have not been running 10km for some time.

Our route was a 4.6km x 2 loops plus another 800m to make it 10km in total. We started with a pace of 7:30min/km for the first 3 km, then gradually building up to a 6:30min/km for the next 5km, before we slowed down to a 7:30min/km for the last 1.5km. For the final 500m, we picked up our paces and tried to ‘sprint’ towards the finishing line (for today, it was an orange coloured banner by HPB that was hanging from a lamppost).

I learnt that if I kept my breathing more or less constant and tried to breathe in through my nose more than my mouth, then I will not feel too breathless and my heart will not pump too fast. It was refreshing to run at the park where there were greenery and sea breeze, people walking their dogs, other runners clocking their miles… 🙂

After the run, we did some abs exercises to build our core. I think we were winded by the time it came to that and struggled to complete our sets. We will try harder again the next time!

Some of us trooped down to West Coast Market for a quick breakfast – we were told that we must refuel our bodies and have carbs like rice, noodles etc. 🙂 Sounds very good after we have pushed ourselves.

One of the best things about this project is the sense of community that we now share. Over the past week, we have been keeping each other updated on our own training over our whatsapp group chat and exchanged valuable advice as well. Though it has only been a week, it feels like we have known each other longer! Running (as with any form of social activity) brings people together!

Looking forward to our next training on Wednesday! 🙂