7 days ago I received a phone call from Allen wanting to understand why I want to run a marathon, 7 days later I found myself being part of this journey to complete my first 42km race of my life!

I was not too sure what to expect from running as a group and what it will mean to my training pattern. After having run mostly by myself or with a partner, It was refreshing running with Allen and Qiu Lu as our pacers.

The training kicked off with a quick stretching session. It was enlightening to learn from Allen that static stretch may not be the best choice hence we did a couple of dynamic stretch exercise. Often I take stretching for granted, limiting warming up to slow jog before I commence my run. This shall change.


Throughout the run I received feedbacks and realised the following:

  • I tend to swing from the left shoulder, this caused instability in my stride
  • I am breathing inconsistently though my mouth, this caused rapid breathing that driven high heart rate
  • I run too close to the runner closely, this may led to higher risk of running into another person

It was great having Allen and Qiu Lu who are both extremely positive and encouraging in sharing methods on how I can further improve the my running form.


We ended our training after running 5km at a comfortable pace. Had a lot of fun sharing jokes during doing planks and invisible chair exercises.

For all the hard work we put in today, Allen rewarded us with yummy energy bar! Looking forward to the next session!