Hi runners! Looking forward to meeting our next courageous Marathoner-to-be?

Here comes Mr Vincent Nyeo, who is determined and ready to embark on his marathon  journey and even to become an Ironman finisher in 3 years time!

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Name: Vincent Nyeo

Age: 42

Nationality: Singaporean

Profession: Sales Executive

Hobbies: Travelling, cooking, cycling, swimming running. Eating

Me and my running:-

Why do I run?
Running – Being the oldest member of this heroic 6, I been running all my life, running away from things 🙂 Used to detest exercise never pass my IPPT in the army. Always giving excuses not to run. I guess it all ended at 39yrs old after reflecting on my life in the next 20 years.  With my weak knees due to being overweight. I don’t want to be  and old man with a walking stick and bad health.

I want a healthier life and doing things that always procrastinate about. I wanted to be an Ironman.. that started my running journey

Why do I want to complete a marathon?

Like all the rest I have never run a marathon I have done a lot of 10s and two 21s and normally 5km run are like short runs the most I ran was 24km it was a fun run. I did enjoy it just that I hate loops. Completing a marathon is a milestone for me. I would need to do a marathon in an Ironman as well. This will be a bench mark for me.

What is my goal for the Sundown Marathon?
I hope I do not need to stop at all for this Sundown my target timing is about 5hrs. If less even better.

What do I hope to gain through Project42, other than running?
1. Complete a marathon – with the advise I get from Allen and QiuLu

2. Setting a training target and actually completing it.

3. Making good friends sharing information

What is my impression of Project42?

I thought that this project42 was a gym that sells marathon packages to runners in Singapore plus giving them training thru workshops etc. I didn’t know it was run by youth! I am totally impress with their spirit.

This old man will try his best to complete this marathon Journey with you guys. I may not be fast but I would always want to challenge myself to improve my timing, with your help I know can.