Hey runners, here comes the part 3 of our Heroic Six series! We present to you Jay Tan!

P.S:She said she named herself before Jay Chou got famous lol.


Name: Jay Tan

Age: 39

Nationality: Singaporean

Profession: Sales in IT Industry

Hobbies: Martial Arts, Performing Arts, Badminton,Travel.

Me and my running:-

Why do I run?
I recalled when I was in Primary school, I was picked to compete in a 200m race but I was the last in the race. Felt very demoralizing and it makes me believed I am not a good runner. However I have always been jealous of people who can run long distance and complete Marathons. This is like a mission impossible to me. (Though secretly desire to do it one day) .  Few years back, I was going through difficult times in my marriage, I felt so lost and I was having very low self-esteem. A friend encouraged me to do something that could help me boost my self-confidence. He invited me to enroll a 10km run. I took up the challenge! I started to run ever since, as part of training for my 10km, and occasionally run to keep myself in shape.

Why do I want to complete a marathon?
Besides being a great self-accomplishment, completing a marathon is also a challenge to proves one’s will power, discipline, focus and endurance. I hope being a marathon-mom will inspire my son to stay active. I also hope to be a role model to him so he knows the importance of setting goals, have courage + strong determination to achieve them.

(Of course I love the medal and finisher-T too! )

What are the difficulties and challenges that I think I might encounter during this journey?
Juggling time between work, family and training is the biggest challenge for me. The trainings I have in a week also means I have to sacrifice either the time spend at work, with friends,  rest, or the quality time with my son.

What is my goal for this Sundown Marathon?
I wish to complete the run within the targeted time suggested by Project 42 trainers.

What do I hope to gain through Project42, other than running?
Besides hoping to get myself in better SHAPE, I also hope to get myself into routine of running, and sustain a healthier lifestyle.

What is my impression of Project42?
Very good initiatives by a bunch of young people. They are super energetic, fun and spontaneous. It is my pleasure to be the 1st batch lucky 6 in this project. I hope their spirits of helping people run and achieving marathon dreams continues.