Hey Runners, here comes the COOLEST person in our group, Ms Pooi-San Kok! She is surely someone with stories to share. Looking forward to knowing more about her life experience!



Name: Pooi-San Kok

Age: 34

Nationality: Singaporean

Profession: Marketing Professional

Hobbies: Travelling, Reading, Contemporary Art

Me and my running:

Why do I run?
After smoking, drinking and overworking for more than a decade of my adulthood, I decided it was time for a lifestyle change especially when the doctors declared that my fitness level were as good as a 45 year old drunkard man. The decision led to a complete change in lifestyle inclusive of complete change in career, geographical location, eating and living habits. Visits to bars and clubs were replaced by runs and yoga practice, beer and fries were replaced by fruits and plenty of water, 1030pm turned from going out to sleeping in hour. Soon, I started to run leisurely to improve my cardiovascular health and eventually I was introduced to Runninghour which is an inclusive running club that promotes integration of people with special needs through running. This is where I met very supportive running buddies and volunteers that inspired me with their determination to overcome their physical challenges and to bond through running.

Why do I want to complete a marathon?

Walk(Run in this case) the talk so I inspire others to be their best!

What are the difficulties and challenges that I think I might encounter during this journey?

During my first 10km race, I was picked up by a sweeper. I promised myself that this shall be my first and my last encounter with a sweeper in my life. I will have to work hard to keep this promise.

What do I hope to gain through Project42 other than running?

Self awareness, wisdom and friendship!

What is my impression of Project42?

Behind this awe-inspiring program, are 2 outstanding runners who are fueled with great passion to help others achieve their marathon dreams. Allen and Qiu Lu will make a mark in the running history of Singapore, watch this space!