Three of our Heroic Six have already been introduced. You must have noticed: They are ALL FEMALES!!! Is it gonna be an all-girls squad? Wait up people, being the first male member to be featured, Weiming got something to say! Let’s listen up!


Name: Weiming

Age: 30

Nationality: Singaporean

Profession: Business Analyst

Hobbies: Travelling, Futsal/Football/Any other sports, Reading

Me and my running:-

Why do I run?
Running – an activity that we do (sub-consciously) everyday, “…round the clock”, “…out of time”, “…to catch a bus”. But it brings a whole new meaning now. Personally, it represents having the mental ability to achieve an objective that is being set out at the on-start. It also gives the feeling of being able to freely express and challenge myself towards a healthier and stronger state of mind.

The nature of my profession requires me to toil hours at work, so much so that I neglected my personal well-being, my health and even my family and friends. I turned 30 just six days ago, and I told myself that this year – 2016 – is a year where change will happen. Since change must take place, why not start with something positive? So now, it’s time to put on those running shoes and start clocking those miles!


Why do I want to complete a marathon?
I have never completed a marathon all my life and at this stage, I wouldn’t say that I will definitely be able to achieve it. But I now place my faith in a group of dedicated trainers who I believe will push me to my mental limits. When it comes to achieving a tough objective (it happens a lot in life), I give my full commitment to reach to my goals. There are times when I have failed, but stories of success have outnumbered those that I have failed. But I truly believe that if I put in my best effort and offer my commitment towards my goal, this will be one of the success stories that I will live to tell.


What are the difficulties and challenges that I think I might encounter during this journey?
The most I have ever ran was 12km, and that was back in 2007 (days in army). So it is almost a decade since I ran such a long distance. A marathon is slightly more than 3 times the distance. In order to enjoy the maximum benefit out of this programme, I will have to practice discipline in my daily routine, to the extent invasive of my diet, my sleeping patterns and even my training routine. The concern about my physical and mental fitness is real. Now I place my full faith in the trainers to build me up in areas that I lack.


What is my goal for the Sundown Marathon?
I wish to complete this marathon without stopping, and certainly hope to achieve my goal of completing it within 6 hours. (I will rejoice if I better this timing)


What do I hope to gain through Project42, other than running?
1. Complete a marathon – the very obvious, tangible target.

2. Mental discipline – ability to see through tough times and achieving the objective I set out to achieve.

3. Lifelong friends – getting to know people who will run the distance with me.


What is my impression of Project42?
My initial impression of Project42 was that it was well-run, from its website interface, its promptness from registration to interviews.. from cradle to grave. I thought to myself, “of course, it has the backing of a big organization, an arsenal of organizing committee to run the entire system”. I took it for granted.

But to my surprise, turns out that Project42 was actually “run” by a handful of energetic youngsters determined, and committed to make it this project a success. (you have no idea how many messages are exchanged behind the scenes to keep us in check.). What touched me even more was that some of the committee members are in the midst of their mid-terms. With their level of commitment, it gives me even more drive to want to achieve my goal, and the project’s goal as a whole. How can I ever afford to fail them?