Coming up next, we have our youngest participant Wan Jun, a very cheerful young lady who is also an animal lover! Let’s find out more about her!


Name: Lim Wan Jun

Age: 25

Nationality: Malaysian

Profession: Clinical Research Coordinator

Hobbies: Reading, skating, learning new languages, indulging in My Chemical Romance, Green Day, Mayday, and FT Island among others, exploring around to look for my possibly missing Hogwarts acceptance letter. ๐Ÿ˜€

Me and my running:

Why do I run?
I was a typical couch potato, until I started working in research sector with a group of inspiring and passionate doctors upon graduating. My bosses taught me indirectly how a person’s passion to something they believe in could potentially change the world, at the least do good to others, and at the same time nourish self. I had denied that I have always wished to be a sporty person because I was ashamed of my weight and how silly I could look engaging in sports.

I knew I had to do something to overcome my can’t-do mindset, so I chose to run. Running is free, you can do it almost anywhere, anytime. I read that running is easy, you just have to put one leg in front after another. Hello, excuse me, not true! It takes more than moving physically, the devil in my mind that keep telling me that I can’t do it any further, just stop, maybe try something else and the triumph of pushing myself a little further each and every step makes me believe in myself more. I also learned that every accomplishment starts with the decision to try, and there are plenty of good Samaritans that are there to help when you need some lift and push, like Qiu Lu and Allen who initiated Project 42.

Why do I want to complete a marathon?
Running changed my life, in mere 1.5 years. I conquered my fear to water due to childhood near-drowned experience, learned to swim and did 15m cliff jumping in Boracay; I finally learned skating, both ice and inline, thanks to my supportive and helpful friends. And I am much more confident with myself. To date, I have participated in just one 10km with an average result but I am ready to commit to more and hopefully one day, inspire others to run too.

What are the difficulties and challenges that I think I might encounter during this journey?
The road ahead, the coming 3 months, is going to be the biggest challenges to my body and mind to date. I hate to admit that I lack discipline. Frankly, I still have reservation that I could even finish the race. Hey body, listen, you may hate me, for pushing you beyond your limit; you may detest me, for every aches and sores you may feel waking up the morning after each interval or hill training; you may blame me, for the unbearable chafing after endurance run training sessions; you may loath me when I deny you for that extra set of fries or bar of chocolates or another can of coke (this is going to be hardest part).

What do I hope to gain through Project42 other than running?
Dear Body and Mind, please believe me, you will love the transformation. You will come out stronger mentally and physically, you will perform better in any other sports you may engage with, you will have a new group of lifelong friends that run your life with, you will have a healthier body to realise your dream, to be the voice of animals, and most importantly you can reward yourself upon completion I promise. ๐Ÿ˜›

What is my impression of Project42?
Well, at first I only hoped to finish the Sundown Marathon, after meeting with fellow teammate earlier today, everyone else’s aim are to finish in 6 hours. I again adjusted my aim. I know that I need their presence, their pace and encouragement to finish the race. As the old proverb goes, If you want to go fast, go alone; If you want to go far, go together. How amazing it is, to have trusted these new people of like-minded to embark of a new journey of unknown (probably misery and agony), I am thankful for the opportunity given for growth and development. Till then, Stay humble, be strong, eat healthy, and have fun! You are in good hand. Thank you Project42!