Hello Supporters of Project42! With the support of fellow runners this morning, we have successfully launched Project42, and the identities of the Final Six were also revealed eventually!

Today, we present to you our first Participant, Mrs Sylvia Wang. Let’s hear her story!

A little bit about myself:

Name: Sylvia Wang

Age: 32

Nationality: Singaporean

Profession: Teacher

Hobbies: Writing, reading, running, yoga, being with family and friends 🙂

Me and my running:-

Why do I run?
Initially I ran because I wanted to have something in common with my husband who is also a sports enthusiast. 🙂 I also ran because I wanted to lose weight and keep fit. Gradually, I realized how running can make me feel good about myself — it gives me a sense of relief after a tiring or difficult day; it makes me feel strong and self-empowered when I am troubled and need to work out solutions in my head; it clears my mind when I am confused and helps me contemplate better; it allows me to ‘detox’ and ‘sweat it all out’; it gives me ‘space’ to be on my own for a while; it also gives me opportunities to meet with people who run and share similar interests/running goals; it helps me build discipline in many areas of my life; it creates a sense of routine (more or less); it pushes my body to realize the potential it has to ‘be better’. Sometimes I run for no reason at all – just because it makes me feel happy doing so. 🙂 And not to mention the post-run happy endorphins that can make the rest of the day a good one!

Why do I want to complete a marathon?
Having only completed 10k races before (not even 21k!), I did think of taking my run to the next level and trying out a 21k. I have thought about this for a while but haven’t taken any concrete action. Then I stumbled upon Project42 on my Facebook page one day and I told my husband about it. Of course, I had my doubts because 42 is a big leap from 10, but my husband was supportive and told me to give the application a shot. And I did. 🙂

Completing a marathon was not actually on my bucket list – but I did tell myself that if I can get through a 21k, then one day I will try for a marathon. In fact, I thought that a marathon will only happen much later! But when Project42 happened, I thought more seriously about this and I can say now that I want to complete a marathon because it is both a test of my physical endurance as well as my mental tenacity; it will really show me what ‘mind over body’ means; it will be a challenge but I am sure it will make me a better person at the end of the day!

What are the difficulties and challenges that I think I might encounter during this journey?
I have a bit of a sore in my right knee – so I know that I have to really be careful and take steps to ensure that I stay injury-free as much as possible. I am afraid of the distance because I really have not run more than 15km before during some runs with friends. I will try my best to commit to all training days but some weekdays may be tough because of work events that might crop up.

What is my goal for this Sundown Marathon?
I want to complete it without walking. 🙂

What do I hope to gain through Project42, other than running?
Make good friends who share similar interests and goals; gain greater confidence in myself in all areas of my life; build a strong, healthy body in order to work and serve others better; become a positive influence to people around me; re-calibrate myself internally and live with an even greater sense of purpose.

What is my impression of Project42?
This is a really meaningful and worthy initiative – the noble intentions behind it really inspires me. It takes just a small act of faith, a single step forward to achieve a great outcome. (i.e. Having so many of us respond to your good idea!) The whole thing was well-run – from setting up the Facebook publicity post, to calling up the applicants one by one, to organising the running clinic today and to getting us to feel involved in the writing of this blog. 🙂 Your passion really shines through! Thank you so much for doing all this!