Dear runners and supporters of Project42:

I am Qiu Lu. Together with Allen, we initiated Project42. A big thank you for your interest and support for this project!

Many of you have asked us about the background of Project42 and what’s next. This is the story.

Marathon changed my life
I completed my first marathon last year. The race and the process of preparing for it changed my life. It was initially an item on my bucket list that I wanted to strike off. Little did I know that it completely redefined the way I live. Now I run almost every day. I watch what I ate and feel much more refreshed and energized than I was before. My life is more fulfilling and meaningful thanks to running.

I want to help people experience this transformational process. Running was a gift for me and I want to share it with you. Allen, who is a runner himself and my dearest partner, suggested that we can help non-runners fall in love with running by guiding them and completing a marathon with them.

Our Vision: To inspire millions to run
An opportunity led us to meet Zhou Mi, an ultra-marathoner herself and the co-founder of 42Race, a startup that shares the vision to inspire millions to run, anywhere in the world. When we shared our idea with her, she immediately offered to be a part of it and has since graciously provide the resources to launch this project.

Thus Project42 was born. A non-profit mission-driven initiative to inspire more people to run and to believe in themselves.

Overwhelming Response
Initially, we planned to help 6 people without long-distance running experiences yet have the marathon dream in heart to complete their first marathon. Through their stories, we wish to motivate others that with effort and determination, we all are capable of achieving our goals in life.

Today is the 6th day since our first recruitment post and much to our pleasant surprise, we have received more than one hundred  and fifty applications.

We are touched and inspired as we read about your goals, your reasons for running and your determination to complete a marathon.

Your Story
You told us you want to encourage your family member who is fighting cancer by running; You told us you quitted drinking and smoking because of running; You told us you have always doubted yourself but now you mustered the courage to sign up and start; You told us you have ran marathons or even ultra-marathons before but you want to be part of project42 and help; you inspire us.

Even though we targeted to train and sponsor the entry for Sundown for only 6 people, we would like to do something for all of you too.

Run Together
Hence, team Project42 are striving towards

  1. providing a running guide for you to help your training
  2. and bringing you who have common goals together to train,

thus enabling more people to achieve their goals in this Marathon. We will keep you updated on this.

For now, whether you are aiming for completion, or for a sub-5 or sub-4 timing, or simply want to go through the journey with your love ones, we will do our best to help you achieve your dreams. Let’s continue to share with other people about project42 and reach out to more people about the joy of running.

At the end of the day, running a marathon is much more than taking one thing off our bucket list. In the process of preparing for the marathon, you become fitter and healthier, you eat better and train harder, you get to know a bunch of fun and cool running friends. You will know that for every challenge in life, you can achieve the impossible.

Thank you for reading and for making project42 possible.
Let’s finish this marathon, together.

With Love,
Team Project42

P.S If you want to be a sponsor or volunteer of our project in any possible means, please drop us an email and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.