The Siem Reap Experience

Siem Reap is a growing Cambodian city that is a popular tourist destination. When you get to Siem Reap, it is easy to understand why it is such a popular place to visit. Surrounding the city is a range of ancient temples, well preserved and beautiful to visit. In the city itself you will find a variety of restaurants, lively nightlife and plenty to see and do.

# 1: The Angkor Wat Temple

Angkor Wat Temple

Angkor Wat Temple

The most popular tourist attraction around Siem Reap is the Angkor Wat temple, a sight that you will see during your marathon run and definitely one that you consider taking more time to explore. Considered the 7th wonder of the world, the Angkor Wat temple is astonishingly well preserved. It is the largest religious monument in the world and when visiting, you cannot help but be awe struck by its majesty.

#2: The Bayon Temple

Bayon Temple

The Bayon Temple near Siem Reap

Another popular temple near Siem Reap is the Bayon Temple. The Bayon temple offers a haunting beauty and needs to be experienced to be believed. A great way that you can take this amazing temple is in by elephant, itself a stunning experience, but riding an elephant around this stunning temple is something that nothing else can replicate.

#3: The Ta Porhm Temple

Ta Porhm Temple

Ta Porhm Temple

A third amazing temple that is right near Siem Reap is the Ta Porhm. If you like movies, you will recognise this stunning temple from the Tomb Raider movies. With area that are overtaken by trees Ta Porhm in places, looks as though it is being reclaimed by nature, making this temple unique among the others near Siem Reap.


When dining in Siem Reap, there are many options available. Some offer more traditional food whilst others offer a range of cuisines from around the world. A great restaurant offering Cambodian cuisine is the Kroya Restaurant. Located conveniently is the heart of Siem Reap, this restaurant is great oplace in which to experience authentic local cuisine.After dinner you can head out to one of the busy local nightspots. Tourists from around the world love to head to these establishments. They are a great place to meet new people, make new friends and exchange travel stories.

An Incomparable Marathon Holiday

Whether you are a marathon runner or not, Siem Reap is an amazing place to visit. The Cambodian culture, the natural landscape and the stunning temples, there is no other place in the world like Siem Reap. If you are looking for a marathon that will offer you stunning scenery in the form of a pristine natural environment and stunning ancient relics, you cannot go past the Angkor Wat marathon. Siem Reap is a place that must be seen to be believed.

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