Well organised, appropriately planned, and widely anticipated, the date for the Laguna Phuket Marathon is finally out. On 4th and 5th June 2016, thousands of people will be traversing Thailand’s city of Phuket in one of the most historical Marathons. You wouldn’t want to miss out on a team that will bring down Laguna Phuket to its knees through full marathon, Half Marathon and 10km race. You will get to tread through what is supposed to be one of the most glorious Asia’s cities.

Travelling with 42Race gives you an opportunity of exploring greater part of the city, beyond the narrow race paths. Meet with over 6,000 different people from more than 60 nationalities and share the glorious moment of traversing local villages, pineapple plantations, and rubber fields. From the displayed packages of Basic, free & Easy and All-In, you can choose the most suitable plan and run for a good course; supporting Laguna Phuket Charity Foundations.

Reason 1: Go Beyond Muscle Flexing


Besides the high-spirited flexing of muscles, this International marathon presents you with the opportunity of exploring the magnificent town of Phuket. Grab the opportunity of exploring the glorious Phuket town boasting of architectural designs of Chinese Immigrants. Promote Thailand’s Culture by enjoying the full services of customised hotels, restaurants, and massage parlours.

The Laguna Phuket Marathon is open for the entire family so you can take that advantage and get your kids to have an insight of the Phuket Aquarium. This wonderful sanctuary bubbles with exotic fish species, sea turtles, crabs, and starfish. Expand your marine knowledge by visiting the Marine Biology Research Centre that is located close by.

Reason 2: Make Unforgettable Memories


Why not make memories of the Laguna Phuket Marathon trip by visiting the Hat Nai Yang National Park? It is a contemporary park full of game reserves including sea turtles and other marine life. Wait until dusk and have the glory of watching the sea turtles coming out to lay their eggs. Set aside some time and have a memorable island boat tour of scenic sites like Koh Bond, Koh Kaeo, Raja Noi and Raja Yai.

Reason 3: Be Part of History


Being part of the historical Laguna Phuket Marathon not only presents you with an ideal opportunity of attaining physical fitness but also puts you at the forefront of enjoying some of the world’s most adorable sceneries. Book your slot with 42race and make every moment of this graceful marathon count!

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